Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is one that came to me a few days ago.   I slapped some images together to make a YouTube video of it.    

Crown of gold
Copyright Dan Sullivan 2011

I’m gatherin’ all my thoughts
I’m wonderin’ what’s worse
To live without your love
Or to die of thirst

I’ve concealed my feelings
Kept them under lock and key
Had to hide from prying eyes
What you mean to me

Darkness softly slipping
Like a hood over my head
Every night I dream of you
Laying on my bed

Now storm clouds are gatherin’. They fill the western sky
As the sun slips away like love slowly dyin’

I’m gatherin’ my defenses
I’m lifting shield and spear
I can hear the trumpets calling
As my enemy draws near

I’m gatherin’ all my thoughts
I’m wonderin’ what’s worse
In this world both truth and lies
Haunt me like a curse

I’m harvestin’ from dreams
Planted long ago
That a crown now made of thorns
Might one day turn to gold


  1. Okay, I just have one question: Are you in love? Who is it? How long have you known her? Okay, that's more than one question... hahahahahaha You don't have to answer me there. Just e-mail your answer to me... I promise it will be confidential!

  2. Am I in love??? I'm always in love with each new song I write. But it wears off pretty quickly.