Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I guess things have changed

I went to St. Mary’s Catholic grade school as a child. That was 50 years ago. But I still have fond memories of  getting rapped on the knuckles, berated, hollered at, called a communist and knocked out of a chair by a nun during my book-learning days.

I guess nowadays some people would think of that as child abuse or something. But I never thought about it that way. Neither did the rest of the kids I went to school with. Heck, we thought that was normal. And we understood we probably deserved a rap on the knuckle or a sharp word when we were caught in some mischief or horseplay or were tardy with our homework.

And I sure never told my parents the nuns were being mean to me at school or I would have gotten whipped on twice, once by the nuns and once by my Dad.
So I was shocked when I read this posting from a friend of mine on her Facebook wall.

“wtf?? My daughter just told me her gym teacher told her " I don't hate you I just dislike you" Are you fricken kidding me??!!!!”

By the time I read the posting there were already more than 20 responses to this alarming news.

“O M G” is the way one friend eloquently expressed her disbelief.

Which prompted this reply from my friend.

“ummmm yeah!!! WOW how professional is that?!”

With the cat out of the bag now, another friend put her two cents in.

“My girls have issues with their teacher, but she's never said anything like that!!! Time to call a meeting!!”

“ummmmmm yep! C----- said the lady didn't like her since day 1, I thought she was just reading something into it that wasn't there. WOW I am just blown away!!”

A third friend chimed in with this thoughtful advice.

“Wow--I'd be calling a principal, I think.

As word spread, a fourth friend could barely express her shock.


“Time for someone to lose their job,” a fifth fumed.

Things were obviously escalating. And my friend was smoking now.

“ummm yep, going to head up to the school, kick ass and take names later....do NOT f with my kids!!”

Another friend offered encouragement.

“Wrong, wrong, wrong...Momma bear take action!”

Momma bear was growling now.

“umm yeah, C----- her and her friend were in gym dong what they were supposed to do and the teacher came up to the other girl and asked what happened, that she always did what she was told until C------ came there... C----- said see I told you she hates me and the teacher said that in response... Ummmm NOT!”

My friend quickly added this.

“ummmmm yep J---..... not cool at all!”

Just as things were heating up, a  typo offered a little levity and let us all LOL.

“In the gym dong ::inappropriate giggle::”

"lol hehehehe..... ooops fricken typo queen!!”

A few hehehes and hahahas later a couple more friends climbed on the bandwagon.

“wow, thats pretty inapprop”

“wow, that's BS. Also go to damnyouautocorrect.com. J

Finally, another friend who apparently also knows the mean teacher added these comments.

“B----- got hit with a dodge ball in the face oin elementary school, and he cried a little bit and she said 'Quit crying you big baby'....I was livid!!!…it's not like 5th grade boys have enough to tease each other about....then they all hear the teacher call him a baby.....I was mad! I called the principal and she was going to 'look into it'“


I almost posted a brief comment on my friend’s wall telling her she should be thankful the teacher didn’t pull a ruler out and have her little darling lay her pretty little pinkies on the desk. But I thought better of it.

I didn’t mind getting a whipping from a nun when I was a kid. But at my age I sure as heck don’t intend to take a whipping FOR a teacher from a bunch of angry  Momma Bears.

Sorry, it’s every man, teacher and Momma Bear for him or herself.


  1. I read this blog first thing in the morning. At the 3rd sentence, I was shocked!!! You still have fond memories of getting raped????? HUH???? I had to clear the sands in my eyes to see that I was seeing single.... single 'p' when there should be double. hahahahahaaa That surely woke me up! I thought you were opening up or something. Ha!

    I totally agree, kids nowadays are too protected. One day when they are alone in the Big Big World and no Momma Bear to defend them, they would be struggling. When they should have gone through that stage during childhood and automatically learn to shrug it off. As an adult, those who cannot handle it will either hate society, need a shrink or become a serial something! hahahaha (I watch too much of the tv series called Criminal Mind)

    I totally agree with your way of thinking. I also grew up in a school system where teacher can whacked us around. By middle school, when I was in Singapore, if you are real bad... there will be public caning. The whole school will gather to watch you get stripes on your behind. No matter how tough, every single one left with tears on their face. But I have just seen 2 in my 4 years in Singapore. Teacher gets to say and do whatever they want. All the kids were ok with it and none even think much of it. Sure, I still hate certain teachers till today. hahahaha As an adult with a kid of my own, I think that is the right way to grow a kid. A lot of kid growers nowadays just don't think like you and I.

  2. Ha ha ha. It may be all over the Internet by now that I got raped by a nun in grade school!!!

    They were tough customers, but not THAT tough!

    And it sounds like they couldn't hold a candle to the Singaporean teachers. I might have yelled about it if I'd been caned! Yipes.