Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MI Gov. granted dictatorial powers


The Michigan legislature has approved a bill giving the governor authority to execute a coup 'd etat over any and all governmental jurisdictions in the the state. The bill gives the governor power to declare an emergency and to appoint a overseer with dictatorial powers anywhere in the state.

Democracy, anyone???

More on this tomorrow and in the upcoming days.


  1. Let me (a politically blind person) guess....
    He must be Republican!! Am I right???

    I take this scenario as a preview of what's to come for all those people who thought the Democrat and President Obama has not done enough to pull us out of bad economy time. Well, try a little Republican, won't you. hahahahaa

  2. How'd you know??? You must have ESP or some kind of pyschic ability! Or maybe you just heard it on the street from some munkees discussing politics.