Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who's this Jackie Greene fellow??

So I posted "Walking to Jerusalem" on this website called "No Depression." One of the other videos posted there was of a kid from San Francisco called Jackie Greene. I'd never heard of the guy.  But "Brokedown Emotion" sounded like an interesting title, so I hit the play button.   You never know when you'll hear something you like.

Right from the first note I knew I wasn't listening to some teenager in his bedroom making a YouTube video.    This kid was good!

Actually, he's not a kid.   He turns 30 this year.    And he's been putting out CDs since 2002.   But he writes and sings like he's been scribbling songs and  singing since the '60s.  

He's obviously been influenced by Bob Dylan.  When he's in his folkie mode strumming a flat top guitar  with a harmonica holder hanging from his neck he even looks like a young Dylan.   And if he can't match Dylan's lyrical depth (who can?), he shows a gift for story-telling and a way with words you don't often see anymore.    And he definitely sings better than Bob.  

So without further ado, as Ed Sullivan used to say when introducing an act, here's Jackie Greene.


  1. Come to San Friend-Friend-Sis-co....
    Carrying my black black black berry...
    Writing song is fun!! I have a good excuse to not make sense... :P

    You are right though, this kid is quite good. His singing sounds harmonious, I didn't feel like I need to jump out the window. hahahahaaa If I hang a harmonica around my neck, will I sound haromonious too when I talk??? lololol

    Good find, Dannie. Keep posting your great findings!

  2. Debbie, You're already the poet-princess of San Francisco. Might as well try your hand at songwriting where none of the words have to make sense. Ha ha ha. You've got the most important part right!!

    Maybe you can buy one of those harmonica hangers and wear it when you go out. Then people with think you're a folk singer!