Thursday, February 3, 2011

What storm of the Century?

You wouldn't have guessed it was the "Storm of the Century" if they hadn't told us that's what was coming.   As is usually the case,  the storms of life look worse before they arrive than after they pass.  

P.T.  Barnum was right.   You don't sell tickets by calling it a pretty good circus.   You call it "The Greatest Show on Earth" and you have to turn them away at the door.

We got about a foot of snow in Southwest Michigan, half of what many weathermen and forecasters were predicting.    We get a storm like this every 3-4 years and nobody thinks much of it.

It took me about an hour to shovel out the driveway.   That's how I judge a storm.    If it had been a real "Monster Storm" as some predicted, I would have been out there for 2-3 hours shoveling.

I would have probably even  needed to call  a taxi to bring Hannah and her shovel here.

Ashley Classen of Kalamazoo clears her walkway in the Stuart neighborhood on Wednesday morning after the snowstorm.


  1. Or you can always charter a plane... and I will gladly bring my platoon of one to help you shovel.... hahahahahahahaa

  2. Now you volunteer! After all the shoveling is done!! Ha ha ha.

  3. hehehehee.... I know how important timing is, especially when I'm just 'pretending' to sound like I wanna help... HAHAHAHAA just teasing :P