Wednesday, June 8, 2011

16th Ave. (Song of the) South

It's been quite awhile since I posted anything here.   Not that there have been any complaints from anyone.   But I came up with a new song, so I thought I'd post it here.
The song was written in my living room and is loosely based on Richard M. Nixon's little known attempt to become a Music Row songwriter following his resignation from office in 1974. Like scores of thousands of other aspiring country songwriters, things didn't work out for the former president on 16th Avenue South. And after a few weeks in town, he returned to San Clemente to begin working on his memoirs. copyright 2011 Dan Sullivan

You hear a song on iTunes
You wish that it was yours
You wish you knew somebody
Who’d unlock the door
Who’d show you where the key is
Well I’ll tell you something kid
For a hundred dollar bill
I’ll show you where it’s hid

You hear all the stories
About Music Row
All of them are true
Streets are lined with gold
But none of it’s for you
If you leave it up to fate
For wide is the pathway
And narrow is the gate

If it was just up to me
I’d lend a helping hand
Seeking nothing in return
But I am a working man
I think you’ll find my fee
Well within your means
Not that I’d ever
Put a price on your dreams

It’s not who you know
It’s who knows you
You’ll need introductions
And I can make a few
We’ll co-write songs
For a few dollars more
Then a couple of open mics
To get your foot in the door

I’ll teach you all I know
‘Cause that’s what I do
I’ll get the word around town
The rest is up to you
This town is full of lies
And broken promises
Don’t listen to the cynics
Or the Doubting Thomases

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