Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revolution in the air

By now, everyone knows they're raising holy hell in Egypt.  The people are in the streets demanding democratic reforms.   Rumors are flying all over the Internet and on the corporate news shows.   Thousand of prisoners  have escaped or been released from Egyptian prisons and are terrorizing the streets of Egyptian cities.   Police have deserted their posts.   Army tanks clank down the streets of Cairo.  Revolution is in the air.   And it's all being brought to you via  twitter and shown live on the Internet.

What does all this portend?   For Egypt?  For the United States?   For the world?

Nobody knows and anyone who says they do is lying.   Primeval forces have been unleashed.   The  genie is out of the bottle.   You have to go all the way back to when Yahweh unleashed ten plagues on Egypt to force  the stubborn Pharaoh to let Moses and the Israelites go to find something comparable to what's happening in Egypt today.

I expect the End Timers will see all this as a sign of things to come, a preface to Armaggedon.   Paranoia? Who knows?

All I know is that this crusade we've been on since 9/11 to bring democracy to the Middle East hasn't exactly worked out as the United States government planned.

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  1. What's happening in Egypt brings back memory of the 1998 May Riot in Indonesia. Airport packed by fleeing foreigners and well off locals who have the option of fleeing the country. Political unrest. Looting, rioting, fighting... I'm not sure if Egyptian is into raping as well like the Indonesians. hahaha I hope it ends soon and people there can have some peace in their life. The world is just one big family. One sibling is always at odds with another and pretty soon others will take sides. Big bro Uncle Sam will then try to talk to them or send money.... hahahahaa